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The Oil Control Program

The Oil Control Program within the Land Management Administration of the Maryland Department of the Environment regulates all oil-related activities, such as aboveground and underground oil storage facilities, oil-contaminated soil treatment facilities, and oil transportation. The Program oversees the installation, maintenance, operation and removal of oil storage tanks. The Program maintains a strong field presence. Inspectors investigate complaints of illegal dumping and the improper handling of oil as well as non-compliance with State and federal regulations.

UNDERGROUND STORAGE TANKS (USTs): The Oil Control Program has highly trained staff to help companies and individuals ensure that their USTs are in compliance with State and federal regulations. All regulated USTs within Maryland are required to be registered through the Underground Storage Tank Notification Program. All USTs storing motor fuels (e.g., gasoline, diesel) must meet specific technical standards (corrosion protection, spill/overfill prevention, leak detection and financial responsibility) or be removed from the ground.

LEAKING USTs (LUSTs): Should a tank leak, the Oil Control Program oversees the cleanup. Approximately 1,000 responsible party cleanup activities are occurring around the State. The objective is to assure the protection of Maryland citizens and our environment.

ABOVEGROUND STORAGE TANKS (ASTs): The Oil Control Program issues oil operations permits to facilities that store virgin oil, including gasoline, in ASTs with 10,000 gallons or more capacity or that store used oil in ASTs with 1,000 gallons or more capacity. Our staff is available to assist in reviewing plans and is available to interpret State and federal regulations regarding ASTs.

UST LOAN PROGRAM: A program through the Water Management Administration, known as Linked Deposit may provide owners of underground oil storage tanks a way to replace those tanks.

RESIDENTIAL HEATING OIL TANK SITE CLEANUP REIMBURSEMENT PROGRAM:  The Oil Contaminated Site Environmental Cleanup Fund was established by law to fund the Residential Heating Oil Tank Site Cleanup Reimbursement Program.  The purpose of the program is to reimburse heating oil storage tank owners for eligible spill cleanup costs.  Eligibility includes residential aboveground or underground heating oil tanks.

Fact Sheet

Instructions and Application


Contact:  LMA Technical Services and Operations Program

              (410) 537-3400; (800) 633-6101 x3400

UST REMOVAL, INSTALLATION AND INSPECTION CERTIFICATION PROGRAM: Individuals who remove, install, inspect, repair or upgrade UST systems are required to be certified by the department to ensure all applicable regulations are met and proper and safe techniques are followed. After passing an exam, a certification card is issued.


Carroll Independent Fuel UST Course Schedule

Crompco UST Course Schedule
Datanet UST Course Schedule
PEI UST Course Schedule


For additional information call (410) 537-3442. 

Our toll free number available for Maryland residents:
(800) 633-6101 then ask for the last four digits of the above numbers.

To report oil spills:
1-866-633-4686 -- Available 24 hrs. a day


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