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Notice of Applications Received for State Permits




January 1, 2018 

The Water and Science Administration has received the applications listed below. A preliminary review has indicated that the listed projects may be subject to the opportunity for a public hearing once the application is substantially complete. Projects may be significantly altered during the review process. The applications and related information are available for inspection and copying. You may also request written notice of any hearing opportunity by having your name placed on the interested persons list for each project in which you are interested. To inspect the file or to have your name placed on the interested persons list, contact the assigned division at the telephone number indicated below no later than February 1, 2018.
Nontidal Wetlands Division - (410) 537-3751
201761957/17-NT-2124: DELMARVA POWER AND LIGHT COMPANY of PO Box 9239 Newark Delaware, 19714 has applied for maintenance activities within the existing 8.6 mile right-of-way from the Hillsboro Substation in Ridgely to the Wye Mills Substation in Queenstown.  The project will include the replacement of twenty-one existing H-frame structures and one steel monopole structure and maintenance on twenty structures.  Ten of these replacements are required to mitigate North American Electric Reliability (NERC) clearance violations.  All structures will be replaced in-kind and existing structures will be removed.  Maintenance activities include insulator, damper, and brace replacements and cotter key adjustments.  Permanent disturbances are proposed at 51 square feet of emergent nontidal wetlands and 27 square feet of nontidal wetlands buffer.  Temporary disturbances will be an estimated 57,882 square feet of scrub-shrub and emergent nontidal wetlands and 42,096 square feet of nontidal wetlands buffer.  Any further notices concerning actions on the application will be provided only by mail to those persons on the interested persons list.  Please refer to Subsection 5-907 of the Annotated Code of Maryland or the Code of Maryland Regulations 26.23.02 for information regarding the application process.​