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Maryland State Government Maryland Department of the Environment

Maryland Water Permit Applications and Other Forms

This section contains water permits and other forms.  Instructions and general guidance documents are available as well as downloadable forms. Most of the materials on this page are in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format.  (Please see note on .pdfs at the bottom of this page.)

Certification of Workers' Compensation Insurance Coverage

Pursuant to Section 1-202 of the Environment Article, before MDE may issue a license or permit to a business that might employ a covered employee, the business shall submit to MDE a valid workers' compensation insurance policy or binder. Businesses that are exempt from having to provide workers' compensation insurance under applicable provisions of the Labor & Employment Article may need to submit a Certificate of Compliance. (MDE/WMA/PER.069)  

Discharge Permit Applications, Forms, and Guidance

Industrial General Discharge Permits (Permit Guide 3.02Permit Guide 3.03)

Industrial Surface Water Individual Discharge Permits (Permit Guide 3.01)

Municipal Surface Water Discharge Permits (Permit Guide 3.04)

Groundwater Discharge Permits (Permit Guide 3.05)

Toxic Material Permits (Permit Guide 3.06)

Composting Operation Permits

Water and Sewerage Construction Permit Application (Permit Guide 3.07)

Water Quality Infrastructure Financial Assistance Forms

Water Appropriation and Use Permit Applications (Permit Guide 3.15)

Well Construction Permits and Licenses (Permit Guide 3.14 & 3.28)

Drinking Water Sampler Certification (Permit Guide 3.16)

Public Drinking Water System Compliance Forms

Drinking Water Laboratory Certification (Permit Guide 3.17)

  • Drinking Water Application In-State Renewal .doc | .pdf
  • Drinking Water Application Out-of-State Renewal .doc | .pdf
  • Initial Certification Request .doc | .pdf
  • Personnel Training/Qualifications .doc | .pdf
  • Registration of Laboratory Personnel .doc | .pdf
  • List of Approved Tests In-State .xls | .pdf
  • List of Approved Tests Out-of-State .xls | .pdf

Tidal Wetland Permits, Licenses and Certifications (Permit Guide 3.18)

Non-Tidal Wetland and Waterway Permits, Approvals and Certifications (Permit Guide 3.19 , 3.20 & 3.23)

Erosion, Sediment and Storm Water Permits, Certifications and Approvals (Permit Guide

Waterworks and Waste System Operator Certification(Permit Guide 3.27)


*These may be sequentially numbered printed forms, special scannable forms, or just currently not yet available in electronic format. To request for copies of these forms, please call the Department Contact listed under the pertinent section of the MDE Business Guide to Environmental Permits and Approvals, a.k.a. Permit Guide.

Note on Fillable PDF Forms:   Unless otherwise noted, you will not be able to save filled-in fillable PDF forms using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader sotware.   (Only the full versions of Adobe Acrobat, i.e., Standard or Professional, will allow you to save a filled-in fillable PDF form.)  Using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software, you can fill the form online, print it, and mail the printed hardcopy to MDE.

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