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Maryland State Government Maryland Department of the Environment

Lead Registration

"The Maryland Department of the Environment's Lead Rental Registry mission is to protect families and prevent childhood poisoning from the exposure of lead by ensuring Property Owners register affected properties in compliance with the Maryland State Lead Laws." 

Lead Registration News Very Important

Thank you for contacting the Maryland Department of the Environment’s Lead Rental Registration Program ("Department"). The Department is currently experiencing a high volume of emails and calls associated with the NEW registration of pre-1978 constructed rental properties. However, you may email the Department at to have documented proof that contact was made. You may also leave your name and call back number in a voice message at 410-537-4199 or 800-776-2706 then press option 2 and someone will contact you as soon as possible.

If you choose to leave a voice message, or send an email you will not be subject to penalties for failing to timely register for up to 30 days by leaving the following information.

  1. Full name of owner of the property to be registered. All owners’ full name if jointly owned. You will need separate MDE Tracking numbers for each ownership type.
  2. Telephone Number of all owners.
  3. Mailing address of all owners.
  4. Email address of the primary owner to be contacted and passwords to be issued to for the online system.

Lead Rental Registry 2015 Renewals- You may experience very high call Volumes when calling 410-537-4199 or 1-800-776-2706. You may email your questions to To assist with faster processing of your questions please leave the following information if you have it, your name, MDE tracking number, call back number, and your question. You will either receive an answer or a call to further discuss your situation. This could take 2 to 4 business days to receive a reply. If you have a request that needs attention today please call 410-537-4199 and follow the instructions to wait for the next available representative. Registration Renewals for 2015 are due to MDE by December 31, 2014.


Lead Rental Property Registration Only Downloadable Form pdf icon

  • You may only use the Downloadable Form if you:   1) Have a Tracking Number and are registering for the first time OR   2) Have a Tracking Number and are adding another property under the exact same ownership.
  • Do not use the Downloadable Form: 1) If you are trying to renew registration for a property you already have registered under the current owner(s) OR  2) If you want to update AND/OR pay for a property you already have registered under the current owners.  You are to use the Lead Rental Property Registration and Renewal Online System or the preprinted 'Renewal' Form MDE has mailed or will mail to you.
  • Your Tracking Number is to be filled out in the space provided on the form BEFORE mailing it in. 


General Registration and Renewal Information:

  • Currently Residential rental properties built before 1950 are required to be registered and then renewed annually with Maryland Department of the Environment.
  • On and after January 1,2015 Residential rental properties built before 1978 are required to be registered and renewed annually with Maryland Department of the Environment.
  • Currently Residential rental properties built after 1949 and properties that have a passing Lead Free inspection certificate are exempt.
  • On and after January 1,2015 Residential rental properties built after 1977 and properties that have a passing Lead Free inspection certificate are exempt.
  • No matter how late in a calendar year you register a property(ies) it is required to RENEW that property(ies) for the following year on or before DECEMBER 31st of that same calendar year. 
  • If you are registering online between OCTOBER 1st and DECEMBER 31st you may immediately Renew that property(ies) after completing the initial Registration for it.
  • Registration is specific to ownership of a property(ies) and should match exactly what is on record with Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation. Any different combination of ownership for a participating property will require an adjustment to the Lead Rental Registration file.
  • To obtain a Tracking Number, find the Tracking Number you have already been assigned OR to get a copy of your Renewal Form please call: 410-537-4199 or 1-800-776-2706.
  • Maryland (State) Lead Rental Property Renewal with fee is due by December 31st of each year.
  • Be Aware:  Some counties & Baltimore City ALSO charge a registration fee for rental properties. This State registration/renewal fee is NOT collected through the county, town or city.


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