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Maryland Online Tier II Reporting System (MOTTRS)

MOTTRS will be unavailable from September 29 – October 6, 2014 for system upgrade.  If all goes according to plan, the new and improved MOTTRS will be ready for use on October 6, 2014.  You should be able to login using your existing account information at that time



Regulatory changes made to the Tier Two reporting requirements are effective starting with the 2013 reporting year (reports due March 1, 2014).  The MOTTRS application has been updated to capture the additional or changed data elements.  Starting January 1, 2014 all reports, regardless of report type, submitted via MOTTRS will require the additional information.  This includes any revisionis to previous year reports.  Please note you must complete all required fields, both old and new, to save any changes to your online report.  Click here for more information about the specific reporting changes.



All Maryland Tier Two Reports must be completed using MOTTRS.

MOTTRS uses the Tier2Manager version 4.1 by IDSI and has a host of features that simplify and streamline the reporting process.  Prior year submissions can be revised and submitted online. 

If you have never submitted a report online, follow this link to get started: 

If you need help with the login process, contact the Community Right-To-Know Section at

No paper required for the SERC

MDE has implemented an online reporting system for facilities to use for reporting their Tier II Emergency and Hazardous Chemical Inventory Reports.  These reports, required by Section 312 of the federal Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA), require covered facilities to provide detailed reports about the hazardous materials they use or store on site.  The reports are submitted to the State Emergency Response Commission (SERC), the Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) with jurisdiction over the facility, and the local fire department that would respond to any emergency at the facility.  Reports are due March 1st of each year.  MDE is the designated repository for the SERC copy of the reports.

In the past MDE received paper copies of the inventory reports.  Lack of resources prevented the processing of the chemical data contained in the individual reports.  This made the information unavailable except during regular business hours.  This application allows facilities to enter their data directly into MDE’s database using web-based forms and their Internet browser (IE 6.0+, Firefox 2.0+).  Once the data is entered into the system, MDE can map the facility into our geographic information system (GIS).  The Tier II data can then be analyzed with an eye to physical location of facilities in relation to other features such as proximity to waterways or locations, schools, hospitals, or nursing homes, which may require special assistance in case of an incident at the facility.

MOTTRS offers numerous benefits to facility users:

  • On-line data entry is user friendly
         o Drop down boxes provides easy reference to storage codes
         o Every EPA required data element is validated to insure accuracy of reports
         o Data is saved after completion of each page.
         o Web-forms look like standard Tier II report
  • Easy access to the system
         o Chemical Inventory information can be reviewed and revised to reflect inventory changes.
         o Users can log in, access existing records and make edits at anytime
  • Eliminates need to re-type redundant information each year.
  • References, resources, and reporting guidance included as part of Facility Submission Module
          o Links to EPA websites for guidance
          o Contact information for each Maryland LEPC contained in application
  • Supplemental files like Site Plans can be attached to the inventory report.
  • System can print hard copy Tier Two report for submission to LEPC, local fire department, and for facility records.

(Note – This year MDE does not require a hard copy submission.  No hard copy submission is required for the following LEPCs: Allegany, Anne Arundel, Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Carroll, Frederick, Harford, Howard, Montgomery, and Queen Anne’s.).

The benefits to MDE from this new computer application are numerous, as well:

  • Facilities will be responsible for input of their own data into the system, relieving MDE of that responsibility.
  • Billing module automatically calculates appropriate fees from covered facilities and will enable staff to track financial transactions.
  • GIS module allows MDE to plot facilities on a map that includes many data layers and will make  spatial analysis of community hazards possible.
  • System supports a paperless regulatory reporting system.
  • MDE is able to share electronic chemical inventory with the following LEPCs.


Allegany County 

 Frederick County

Anne Arundel County

 Harford County 

Baltimore City

 Howard County

Baltimore County

 Montgomery County

Carroll County 

 Queen Anne’s County

Note:  A signed paper Tier Two Report must be submitted to the LEPC for any jurisdiction not listed above.  Please contact your LEPC for instructions regarding Tier Two submissions to the local fire department.


Getting Started

To get stated using MOTTRS, follow this link:

To get started, go to  and click on Register Now.  Complete the web form including the name and address of each facility for which you report in Maryland*, and click SAVE.  This will generate an email to MDE, Community Right-To-Know Program staff requesting login approval.  If you provide a company owned email address in the web form, you will receive your response by email.  If the email address provided is not company owned, you will be contacted with instructions about how to register by alternative means

If you have any questions contact Patricia Williams by email at or by phone at 410-537-3800.

“Company” refers to the entity with responsibility for payment of the Community Right-To-Know (CRTK) Fund fees.  Maryland’s CRTK Fund fees are capped at $1,000 per owner/operator of one or more facilities in the State of Maryland.  If a company has multiple facilities in Maryland all of those facilities must be part of the same group for billing purposes.

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