1. Minimize number of employee commute trips taken by single occupancy vehicle.
  2. Increase efficiency of business travel.
  3. Buy and distribute goods locally.
  4.   Maximize Efficiency of Fleet Vehicles
  5. Use Alternative Fuels
  6. Improve efficiency in delivery of goods and services.
    • Choose the most fuel-efficient fleet vehicle for each trip.
    • Minimize the number of trips and shipments by combining shipments, maximizing carrying capacity of trucks and other forms of shipment, and promoting e-commerce.
    • Plan efficient service and delivery routes.
    • Reduce idling.

The Mar​yland Green Registry Is...

  • Free:
    There is no cost to join. Simply create a member profile sharing your environmental best practices.
  • Flexible:
    You choose the activities that make the most sense for your organization.
  • Inclusive:
    The Maryland Green Registry is open to organizations and facilities of all types and sizes in both owned and leased space.
  • Interactive:
    Learn here what other Maryland Green Registry members are doing to reduce their environmental impacts and receive staff support on checklist measures.

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