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MDE Enforcement and Compliance

The Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) provides information to the public about enforcement actions it takes in response to environmental violations. This information includes administrative, civil and criminal enforcement actions.  We invite you to learn more about the enforcement process that MDE follows.

Enforcement is an important tool in carrying out the mission of protecting public health and restoring the quality of Maryland’s air, water, and land resources. Enforcement plays a critical role by deterring violations that would otherwise threaten the health of our citizens and our environment. The Department pursues violations in a manner that is fair and predictable in concert with partners on federal, state and local levels, ensuring that all Maryland citizens and groups are protected equally and regulated entities operate on a level playing field.

Environmental laws and regulations are established to protect and foster a healthy and sustainable environment.  MDE is committed to ensuring compliance with those laws and regulations and initiating enforcement action when warranted. Click here for Frequently Asked Questions on MDE's Enforcement and Compliance Process.

In addition to enforcement, there are many ways in which the MDE serves Maryland citizens in carrying out our stewardship responsibilities.  We enlist your support as a concerned and interested member of the community. We encourage you to keep informed and educated about all of our activities, projects, policies and events.  You may do this by visiting other places on our website or by participating in our many public meetings and hearings and calendar of events related to the environment occurring in the State.

We encourage you to regularly review eMDE, the Department’s quarterly e-newsletter that includes "For the Record” a list by county of applications received by MDE and other permitting activity.  

By checking our home page, you will be directed to recent news releases, publications and current reports. You can also find information about programs that affect you and how you and your family can get involved with the environment.  There is also information about permits, regulations, pollution prevention, and technical and financial assistance for your business. The home page will also direct you to alerts and advisories, information on pollution prevention, and comprehensive information on MDE’s programs broken down by airwater and land programs.

Enforcement of criminal violation of environmental laws is handled by the Environmental Crimes Unit of the Office of the Attorney General.

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